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Why Your Routine Matters

02/01/2018 7:09 PM | Anonymous

Hey Friend! 

Quick Question? How are those 2018 goals coming along? Well I hope! The truth is by now over half of the people that made New Year’s resolutions have forgotten about them, stopped being consistent, or have not even started towards those goals they talked about so much the first week of January. If you want to see results, you must take fast action. Don’t wait until everything is in place to get started. Start with what you have and keep going. As for this organizer, being a better steward of time management is my goal for the first quarter. I am being more mindful of how I spend my time, use free time more wisely and continuous networking to grow my professional organizing business. 

From the bedroom closets, kid’s room and home office spaces, people are ready to make room for the life they love.  I was recently helping a client organize her home office and walk-in closet. After we sorted through and shredded old documents, we moved on to her closet space. About five minutes in she said, “I hate feeling so rushed in the mornings. I feel like I am always rushing and never have time to even grab breakfast.” 

My immediate response was Awesome! The look on her face said, really?! I always tell clients 

that part of the organizing journey is identifying the problem. Once you know what the problem 

is, we can work together to establish systems that solve those needs. 


                        You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily. 

                                 The secret of your success is found in your daily routine. 

                                                                                                                   –John C. Maxwell


I asked my client if she had a routine and to list three to five things she would like to do in the morning before starting her day. Do you have a morning routine, or do you just start your day?   After she created her list, she noticed that three out of the five could easily be done the night before. By ironing her clothes, laying out accessories, and having lunches packed, that was an additional 10 minutes saved. Exercise was another important part of her day. She enjoys staring her day feeling energized, but the conflict with time was becoming a real issue. Lastly, makeup and breakfast. I explained that to command your mornings, you must first be aware of how long each activity takes. This helps to manage your expectations, taking your to-do list from an idea, to a habit, until it becomes a routine. 

Your Routine matters because:

Regular schedule


Utilize time wisely

Trust yourself

Investment in your wellbeing

Nourish your mind

Energy to be effective 

This list is my motivational reminder when I need to get it done. Remember, you may not always “feel” like do something, but once you get going, nine times of ten you will want to get if done and checked off your to-do list. When you decide to give those things most important to you a tyme, date and place to get done, you cancel out someday and turn it into mission accomplished. Being proactive requires constant motion.  

Which do you check first your to-do list or your calendar? Before you commit to anything you check your calendar first, right? 

The same rules apply to your workout schedule, date night, play date for the kids and so on. If you want to see results, put it on the calendar and show up! 

Before you go…just a few questions to ponder?

Do you have a morning routine? 

If so, is it working for you? 

Do you need to make any changes since the new year has started? 

Maybe you are not sure where to start with your morning routine and that is okay. 

Write down three things you know will help to positively start your day and do those activities for the next 7 days. 

Take a few moments to reflect on what is working and then write down what needs to be tweaked. There are no right or wrong answers when it comes to your routine, but it MUST add value to your day. 

Until next Tyme,

Be Happy. Be Organized. Be Awesome. 


Abike Anoka is a Professional Organizer in the Laurel, Maryland servicing Prince Georges/Anne Arundel/ Howard County areas. She specializes in residential and small home-based business organization. Ready to get organized, but not sure where to start…LET T20 by the way to go!!!

For more info contact 443-351-8153 or book your consultation today at www.

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