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Don’t Coast to the End of the School Year Without A Plan

10/02/2018 2:12 PM | Anonymous

Don’t Coast to the End of the School Year Without A Plan

Written by: Laura Kavinski, CEO of Crux Organizing 

There is such a hubbub about back to school. All of the preparation for the 1st day of classes & adorable pictures of children missing their teeth. Followed by back to school night and the feeling that the school year has been kicked off to a great start. 

We then set our sights on Halloween, Thanksgiving and impending Winter. This year, I challenge you not to let things coast until the end of the year. Below are 5 ways to make sure that your student(s) and family stay organized throughout the school year. 

  1. Check in Daily with Your Kid(s)

Ask your children how they felt about their school day. It’s so easy to ask what they did, but what’s most important is how they felt about what they did. Was it easy? Did they struggle? How are their grades? Do they need outside help?

  1. Check in [at least] Weekly with Paperwork

Schedule time for a guardian to review the paperwork that is coming home from school. Make sure trips & important deadlines are listed on the family calendar.  Be sure any actionable items are completed. No one wants their child to miss the field trip because the permission slip wasn’t signed!

  1. Check in [at least] Weekly with the Calendar 

Confirm that the calendar isn’t over scheduled. There must be time and energy to do homework and retain information.

  1. Check in [at least] Monthly with the Teacher(s) 

In this day and age, it’s easy to connect via email with a teacher. It’s so nice to hear the good and the “needs improvement” areas so you can be aware and make sure attention is paid. 

  1. Check in [at least] Monthly with the Family 

Be sure that all systems that are in place are working smoothly. If not, identify hiccups and revise as needed. 

With the guidelines above, you’ll be sailing into a successful end of the year before you know it! 

Laura Kavinski, CEO of Crux Organizing 

Crux is the culmination of over 13 years of experience optimizing organization and productivity. We are well versed in both Business and Residential settings – offering both virtual and on-site consulting. Combining a love of teaching, problem solving, and customer service, we will tailor our services to the client’s specific needs. By improving organizational deficiencies in all areas impacted by disorganization, we will leave you with the skills necessary to maintain your systems in our absence. Contact Crux today and they will help you, “Build the tracks to run the train.”

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